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fisker ocean
Source: Fisker Inc.

Fisker Inc’s newly named Ocean electric SUV is now available to order, with the car maker announcing that online reservations for what it calls the “world’s most sustainable” luxury SUV could be made for the fully refundable amount of $US250.

The EV – which is yet to be sighted in the flesh, but is set to start “high volume deliveries” in 2022 – can be reserved via the Fisker website, or a globally available mobile app, the company said on Thursday.

Fisker Inc – Henrick Fisker’s second shot at electric vehicle manufacturing after Fisker Automotive went broke in 2013 – appears to be trying to out-Tesla Tesla with its unconventional approach to its first production car.

Orders have opened a full month before the January 2020 global unveil of the SUV – at which time we are being promised to be shown a “fully running production intent prototype sitting on the completely engineered platform.”

To reward those who are prepared to take the leap and reserve a car they haven’t clapped eyes on yet, Fisker has promised to reveal (upon payment) “exclusive new teaser images” of the Ocean in advance of its public unveiling in January.

The company has also released a few more details of the Fisker Ocean, including a fascinating and patent pending “California Mode,” which allows passengers to “experience the sun, fresh air and an open feeling without being in a convertible.”

This feature will be offered as standard on all trim levels of the Fisker Ocean except the base version, the release said.

Fisker also revealed that four-wheel drive versions – with electric motors at the front and the rear of the vehicle – of the Ocean would also be made available, and assured that the SUV would have “ample towing capability.”

And finally, the Ocean will also come with “the highest five-star safety rating,” Fisker said.

“A visible design feature on the lower body showcases the surface sculpture, wrapping around the protective side intrusion beams in the doors. It’s where form meets function in dramatic fashion.”

As for price, punters won’t know that until January 2020, either. But then that’s not necessarily a deal breaker, considering Fisker is intending to offer the EV on short-term leasing contracts only.

The company said on Thursday that it would sell – outright – a very limited number of vehicles in response to numerous global customer requests for a purchase option. For everyone else, however, it would be all about the “flexible” lease.

“Drivers can get behind the wheel of the Fisker Ocean starting at $US379 per month, with $US2,999 down before delivery in 2022, which includes both initiation and activation fees,” the company said.

There will also be a “$0 drive off’ option, that will be offered through a fully financed $2,999 down payment for credit approved customers.

As for the length of the lease, drivers will get to decide how long to keep their Fisker Ocean, the company says, with the option to return it in one month, eight months, 22 months or several years. No long-term contracts, though.

For those who would like to try before … well, leasing, Fisker says there will be “experience centers” where customers can view and test drive the Ocean, starting next year. Starting 2021, they will also be able to schedule test drives through their mobile app.

And Fisker has reiterated that customers “will never” have to take their vehicles to be serviced – because they will be picked up and returned when maintenance is required, or service is requested.

Things we already know about the Ocean is that its range will sit somewhere between 400-480km, enabled by an approx. 80kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

As Bridie Schmidt reported here earlier this month, it will have “future-forward” radars set behind what would have been the grille, a large heads up display on the dash, and a spacious interior. Optional 22″ wheels will be offered, and aerodynamics will feature in the lower body design.

“Our mission is to become the No. 1 e-mobility service provider on Earth, featuring the world’s most desirable and sustainable vehicles while shaking up the old automotive industry model – from the way a customer attains a vehicle, chooses affordable insurance, services a vehicle to the overall mobility experience,” said Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc.

“People around the globe will be able to obtain the Fisker Ocean starting at $379 (U.S.) per month via our mobile app in 2022. We created five easy-to-choose option packages for Fisker Ocean that will be available to our reservation holders closer to the end of 2020.

“This removes the complexity of complicated option configurators and allows Fisker to offer more unique experiences for less money.

“Customers will be able to see the vehicles and option packages when we begin rolling out our experience centers in shopping districts and airports, as well as book test drives through our app closer to the start of production.”

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