The first right hand drive Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles have arrived in Australia, according to posts by Tesla spies and enthusiasts on social media, but it seems inevitable that some – even many – buyers will have to wait some more before picking up their long awaited EV.

According to posts on social media, the first batch of 12 Model 3s has arrived in Sydney, and are at Tesla’s service centre in Alexandria. Another poster said he saw only 4 RHD Model 3s at the centre.

These included a red performance model, with black interior, a grey “(looking great)” performance, white interior, a blue standard range plus with black interior, and another at the back the poster could not see.

There is speculation that these Model 3s could be targeted for media test drives in the lead up to the first deliveries.

Those first deliveries, some three years after the Model 3 was first unveiled and attracted a global waiting list of nearly half a million, are slated for some time in August.

But Tesla has been tight-lipped about the numbers of reservations in Australia, or where customers are in the order for the deliveries. There has been speculation in social media that a “boatload of 600” Model 3 could be on its way.

But there’s no way of telling, or knowing if that would be enough to fulfil current orders. Whatever the size of the first boatload, there is sure to be some still waiting.

According to one post on a Tesla Model 3 enthusiasts page, some consumers are already being warned by the company that the first shipment will not be enough to fulfil all orders in August.

That would fit in with what occurred in the UK, where some 150 Model 3s arrived for the first delivery, with another 4,000 or so estimated reservation holders having to wait for the next boatload. Port spies believe at least one boatload is on the way to the UK.

The Model 3 was promised as the first “mass-market” electric vehicle. But while the price (starting at $US39,000 in the US and $A66,000 in Australia) does not meet that category, its sales have been stunningly successful.

It has become the best-selling EV in the US market, and the best selling premium sedan, petrol and diesel cars included. It has led to a boom in sales in European countries, particularly Norway, as well as picking up a slew of awards over its safety and overall performance.

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