Boom in Model 3 sales pushes Norway Tesla numbers to 40,000 | The Driven
Source: Tesla

An explosion of Model 3 sales since the lower-priced EV was released on the Norway auto market has seen the total number of Tesla electric cars on the road in the Scandinavian country soar to just over 40,000.

Norway is already hailed as the leader in electric car market share, with one out of every two cars sold in the first quarter of 2019 said to have been electric.

At the time, the Model S accounted for around 20,000 of Tesla vehicle registrations since its introduction in 2013, and there were nearly 12,000 Model X registrations made since it was released on the Norwegian market in 2016.

Now, well in the second quarter of 2019, the arrival of the highly anticipated, more affordable Model 3 has pushed the total number of Tesla vehicles past 40,000, with nearly 8,000 Model 3s registered in little over three months.

In March alone – the first full month the Model 3 was available – 5,315 Model 3s were registered, no doubt as reservation holders clambered online to order their long-awaited “mass-market” electric sedan as soon as possible.


Sales of Model S and X vehicles have understandably suffered as a result, as the statistics kept at shows.

Black is the favoured colour for Norwegians for all three models – as the standard colour it is the cheapest, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume black would be a positive in a country so characterised by its cold climate (as opposed to Australia’s hot climate where it is the exact opposite).

The Model 3 remains the most popular electric vehicle sold in Norway in 2019, ahead of the Volkswagen e-Golf with just under 5,000 registered and then the Nissan Leaf with about 3,700 registrations to date.

According to the Norwegian Information Council for Road Traffic (, Norway’s overall average carbon emissions per vehicle for its entire fleet is 69gm/km, down 10gm/km since May 2018.

At the end of May, the entire market share for electric cars in Norway reached 35 per cent, up from 22.3 per cent from May 2018.

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