Tesla makes Model 3 deliveries with an electric semi for first time | The Driven
Source: Tesla/Twitter
Source: Tesla/Twitter

Californian carmaker Tesla has shared a video of the first delivery of electric cars on an electric Tesla Semi prototype.

Sporting a car trailer with four Model 3s on board, the fully electric semi is shown pulling up to a very excited family who are evidently thrilled at being the first ever customers to have their new car delivered by electric truck.

The video was preceded by a photo release from Tesla on social media channel Twitter, showing the very happy family receiving and posing for photo in their Model 3.

“Here’s the moment of surprise,” the carmaker then tweeted, following up with an actual video of the delivery.

The delivery is seen by some as what will become de rigeur for the electric car company that has upturned the American car industry and is now on a warpath to do the same overseas in Europe and China.

The carmaker faced some delivery woes in September last year as it ramped up Model 3 production and sales, prompting an personal apology to a customer from CEO and founder Elon Musk who said at the time, we’ve gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell.”

With further delivery challenges faced in its expansion to Europe and China, Musk recently thanked all involved in delivering its cars overseas.

“Amazing work by Tesla Delivery teams, especially in Europe & China! Most insane logistics challenge I’ve ever seen. Thanks also to many country & city officials for your help this weekend! Super appreciated,” Musk tweeted.

The Semi is not yet actually in production, although it is high on Tesla’s list of priorities, in part due to the fact it will be able to have a big impact on getting carbon-spewing trucks off the road.

“Because semis are in constant use and use a tremendous amount of fuel, so the Tesla Semi, I think, can have a huge effect, positive effect,” Musk said in November last year.

If you’re wondering what the delivery sounds like (Tesla ‘s video is silent), listen to this video shared by My Tesla Adventures last month – but be warned, there’s not a lot to hear.

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