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glovis symphony
Source: Twitter/Moprthen Lund

Tesla Model 3s have begun arriving in China, as the pioneering EV maker seeks to deliver as many of its best-selling all-electric sedan to economic giant as it can before the expiration of a trade-war truce between the USA and China.

Four cargo ships heading for Chinese ports have been reported across the media – the Glovis Symphony, the Emerald Ace, the Morning Cindy and the Golden Ray.

The Glovis Symphony was the first to dock, arriving earlier this week in northeastern China’s Tianjin before heading onto Shanghai.

In Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, CEO and founder Elon Musk noted the importance of getting the Model 3 there before the truce ends.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen with the trade negotiations so it’s very important to get those cars especially to China as soon as possible….we need to get them there while there’s some sort of a truce on the floor,” Musk said.

And arriving they are, with Morning Cindy and Emerald Ace due to arrive on 19 and 24 February respectively as reported by Bloomberg, to be followed by the Golden Ray on February 28.

As with Europe, Tesla is first shipping the all-wheel drive performance and all-wheel drive long-range version of its Tesla Model 3 to China, in a long held pattern to target the high rollers before bringing in the cheaper rear-wheel drive model.

Ahead of its arrival in China, Tesla dropped the pricing for both variants on its website in December 2018, knocking 10% off the price.

If the trade negotiations between the two economic giants ends badly resulting in a rise in tariffs and levies on both sides, the cost of Model 3 production could soar.

For now, Tesla it appears will continue to chug ahead – Bloomberg reports that through to October 2018, virtually all American-made cars exported to China were made by Tesla.

And why stop now? Until Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory goes online (expected to be in full Model 3 production by  the end of 2019), the carmaker will continue to contend with the logistics of getting its popular electric cars to the world’s largest EV market as fast as it can.

There are now multiple spottings of the Model 3 according to images posted by Twitter user JayinShanghai:

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