Mustang Lithium. Source: Ford
The recent electric Mustang Lithium prototype. Source: Ford

In an interesting twist on the actions of American business in America and what the rest of the world expects of them, Ford of Europe has recently joined the “New Deal for Europe” business initiative.

What makes for particularly interesting reading is the section of Ford’s press release stating “Ford supports CO2 reductions consistent with the Paris Climate Accord”.

I wonder what the world’s most famous climate denier, US president Donald Trump, makes of that statement, given Ford’s iconic place in the American industrial landscape. (He probably has a taste of it because of Ford’s refusal to back his plans to roll back state-based fuel emissions targets).

The ‘New Deal for Europe’ was initiated by the European business network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR Europe).

The stated aim of CSR Europe is “to co-build with the European leaders and stakeholders an overarching strategy for a Sustainable Europe 2030”.

It proposes to do this by calling on “businesses, governments, organisations and policy-makers to work together to develop a comprehensive Sustainable Europe 2030 strategy based on the United Nations Development Goals and the Paris Climate Accord”.

CSR Europe is arguing that there needs to be a balance of environmental, economic and societal needs while tackling the challenges of climate change.

Stuart Rowley (President, Ford of Europe) explained the importance of Ford joining CSR Europe as:

“When businesses and governments introduce sustainability measures, they tend to put their own interests first. But climate change is an issue that affects us all, and it requires acting out of the interests of everyone.

“What better way to initiate that than by calling for widespread collaboration across industries, communities and borders, which can have the biggest impact and help us reach our sustainability goals together.”

Interestingly – Ford of Europe will be launching 17 electrified models for Europe by 2023 as well as committing to including an electrified option in all the company’s future nameplates.

What it does on the other side of the Atlantic where large fuel-guzzling SUVs predominate its offerings will be interesting to watch. With the investment by Ford in electric SUV manufacturer Rivian, plus the Mach-e Mustang – Ford America is definitely positioning itself for a greener, electric future.

Sadly, given the prevailing dogma-driven attitudes towards climate science by the current US federal government, it is hardly surprising that Ford is reluctant to make such a bold announcement of its corporate beliefs there. (Or for that matter, here in Australia).

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