Peugeot chooses China for global launch of first electric e-2008 | The Driven
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French automotive manufacturer Peugeot has premiered its new electric SUV, the e-2008, at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China, which has been chosen for the global launch of its first fully electric car.

Peugeot already sells the 4008 4WD 4008 plug in hybrid and the  508 L plug in hybrid sedan in China, while the newly launched e-2008 SUV is the company’s attempt to spur the uptake of cleaner, more environmentally friendly vehicles in China.

As part of its package, Peugeot is offering a “Free to buy” leasing option for its range of electric vehicles and a free lifetime maintenance for the e-2008 and a 10-year powertrain warranty.

Peugeot’s new app also offers what the company is called a “worry-free charge” by locating local charging stations, offering charging reservations, and a remaining distance check – as well as the ability to remote control the vehicle’s climate and lock/unlock.

Peugeot highlighted the company-specific design aspects of the new e-2008 alongside its “ultra-high-tech” innovations including the company’s new-generation i-Cockpit® 3D for an “augmented experience” displaying safety-enhancing information.

Boasting the brand’s “distinctive styling cues” including “the triple-claw light signatures on the headlights”, the e-2008 boasts 18-inch wheels, and generous ground clearance.

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