Oxfordshire-based battery systems developer Oxis Energy will partner with American aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace on a 12-month collaborative program that will aim doubling flight times on a single charge.

It says these batteries have a high “gravimetric” energy density of the Oxis technology that offers a two-fold reduction in battery system weight which, in turn, results in a significant increase in flight duration.

Put another way, the lighter the battery, the less energy is required to keep the plane aloft, in the same way that more luggage on a traditional plane requires more fuel to keep it flying.

The collaboration between Oxis Energy and Bye Aerospace will test the newly developed Li-S battery cells and modules against the performance characteristics of existing and soon-to-be-announced Bye Aerospace aircraft, producing data which the two companies hope will demonstrate the advantages of the new technology.

“We believe this collaboration will offer Bye Aerospace the confidence that OXIS Li-S systems will deliver the battery technology that meets the demanding performance and quality required to increase the efficiencies of their future electric aircraft,” said OXIS CEO, Huw Hampson-Jones.

“OXIS is focusing its research and development on the transformation of piston and turbo prop aircraft that is required for regional flight transportation.

“We believe this to be the first phase in the electrification of commercial aircraft and will ultimately form the basis for the electrification of Air Taxis, with the additional requirement for regional aircraft.

“The United States has an impressive tradition of aviators who understand the need to experiment and embark on the deployment of new innovative technology, thus effecting a seismic paradigm shift in the powering of aircraft from using lead based fossil fuels to Li-S battery systems that are free of any toxic pollutants.

“As a consequence of the significant extension of aircraft flight duration, both companies believe this will allow for the widespread adoption of electric aircraft across the skies of the United States.”


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