What do you call a group of Model 3s? Whether a charge, a volt or a battery, or even an enthusiasn, the image above conveys just one thing: Model 3s are definitely coming out in force in Australia.

More than 50 Model 3s, Model S, and Model X vehicles lined up at Maleny showgrounds in Queensland on Sunday as new owners gathered for a Model 3 bootcamp aimed at demystifying the many features, tricks and tips associated with Model 3 ownership.

It was just one of a number of “boot camps” that have been held around the country in recent weeks, helping new owners how to understand their “iPhone on wheels”, in the same way that Apple might hold training events for its new customers.

It was, excuse the latest pun, an electrifying sight for those who attended, a number of which had been waiting a good three years to be able to order and receive delivery of Tesla’s market-leading electric sedan.


According to Queensland chapter of the Tesla Owners Australia group which organised the event, about 6 in 10 of the vehicles were Model 3s, and the turn out was better than they could have imagined.

The bootcamp invited new owners of the Tesla Model 3 to come along and learn about topics including:

  • Setting up the car and personalising how your car drives
  • Tips and tricks learned from living with the Model 3
  • A Q&A with Tesla owners
  • Tesla maintenance and a tyre repair demo
  • Tips for car detailing

Queensland and Northern NSW group treasurer Lawrence Low said, “It was great day. It was very interactive. There’s so much tech in the car it went for two hours before we had to take a break, then we did another hour.”

“We broadcasted TOCA member Luke Smith in his Model 3 via Zoom so people could follow bit by bit,” explains TOCA Qld president Marc Talloen.

Topics discussed included resetting the meter, how to save profiles to key fobs (which includes settings like seat positions for multiple owners), and how to link different phones.

There was also discussion on topics such as how to format sentry mode and view security events using software on the phone (instead of having to take the USB home to view on the computer).

Although deliveries of the Model 3 only commenced in late August, and ramping up throughout September as the third quarter of 2019 came to a close, it is understood there have now been around two thousand delivered to Australians.

Demand for the Model 3 in Australia – which has been dubbed a global laggard compared to the clean transport transition well under way in the US, China and Europe – has caused deliveries for some to be delayed until January  (to the dismay of some).

The day was such a success that the organisers are already planning the next event in December.

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