Fonzarelli founder Michelle Nazzari launches the latest electric scooter, Arthur.
Fonzarelli founder Michelle Nazzari launches the latest electric scooter, Arthur.

Sydney-based electric motorbike maker Fonzarelli has unveiled its latest addition to the Fonz gang, namely an entry-level electric scooter it has aptly dubbed “Arthur”, after its eponymous 60s sitcom character from Happy Days.

(Yes, the real name of the Fonz was Arthur).

Sitting at a very comfortable price point of just $3,990, Arthur scooter will join Fonzarelli’s existing line up including the FZ, S1, and X1 moped-style electric bikes and the recently launched top-of-the line NKD electric motorbike.

“Arthur is the affordable ‘little cuz’ of our Good Design Award-winning Fonzarelli X1 scooter and the recently launched NKD motorbike – our street legal beast,” said Fonzarelli founder Michelle Nazzari.

“We’ve got the rep for producing the hottest and highest-performing two-wheel electric vehicles in the country across design, technology and environmental considerations.

“We are now on a mission to make EVs more accessible by offering the tried and tested Fonz powertrain in an entry-level format.”

Launched at a press event to preview the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) 2019 EV Expo, which takes place at the Sydney Olympic Park on October 26-27, the Arthur was available for first test rides.

Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied
Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied

The launch version of the scooter is in a blue to celebrate iconic musician David Bowie and his distinct electric bolt.

In addition to limited edition blue, Arthur will be available in standard four colours including “moon grey”, “racer green”, “royal aubergine” and “matte black”.

Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied
Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied

A range of powertrains will be made available, built onto Arthur’s carbon steel frame, with LED lights and a 240V-compatible charger, with 12 inch wheels and an LCD dash completing the picture.

With pricing scaling with a series of top speed options, the entry-level machine will allow driving at a top speed of 50km/hr which means in most Australian states a car licence will be all that is needed to ride.

Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied
Arthur Fonzarelli. Supplied

A further two 65km/hr and 80km/hr options will require a motorbike licence, while two battery options will offer either 50km or 100km riding maximum range.

Like other Fonzarelli bikes with the exception of the NKD, the battery is removable for ease of charging when a garage is not available.

All signs point to this being a a funky little scooter with a big future.

“You can expect a great aesthetic, a solid performance and we’ve had a lot of fun with the design. Arthur will make any commute fun and guilt free for those wanting a cool, clean transport solution,” says Nazzari.

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