Elon Musk to unveil all-electric ute in November | The Driven
Electric ute by Emre Husman
Credit: Emre Husman

Tesla will likely reveal its next electric vehicle – the all-electric ute (or pick-up, as it is known in the US) – in November, CEO and founder Elon Musk has said via social media channel Twitter.

The Tesla ute has been a pet project of Musk’s since he first mulled over the idea to Twitter in July last year, when he asked followers what they wanted to see in an electric ute.

Answering a question from a follower about the unveiling of the much anticipated electric ute, Musk said this weekend: “November most likely”.

To date the electric vehicle industry has not offered a mass-market zero emissions alternative to the gas-guzzling American pickup trucks and Australian utes.

Although not the first EV maker to unveil an electric pickup (that gold star goes to Michigan-based Rivian), the reveal of the Tesla electric ute could be a watershed moment for the electric vehicle industry.

Musk has said it will be priced under $US50,000 ($A73,000 at today’s rates) making it, while Rivian’s vehicles will be priced over $US70,000 – $A102,000 converted.

In true Tesla style there are still a number of unknowns about the electric ute, such as what it will be called.

Some believe it may be called the “Model B” following a recent number of bee-themed tweets by the Tesla CEO in August.

If so, it could fall in line with Musk’s tongue-in-cheel S3XY lineup, completing it to become “B S3XY”.

Neither do we yet know any specs such as range, battery size or if any special features, such as the ability to power tools off the battery, will be built into the Tesla electric ute.

When it will produced is also somewhat anyone’s guess at this point, as first Tesla needs to get the Model Y underway (this is expected to begin in 2020).

What we do know is that breaking away from the traditional pickup styling, Musk has instead opted for a “cyberpunk” design, telling tech blogger Kara Swisher that, “You know, I actually don’t know if a lot of people will buy this pickup truck or not, but I don’t care.”

If it doesn’t prove popular, Musk has said that Tesla will make a more conventional electric pickup.

Nevertheless, the anticipation around the cyberpunk styling has spawned a number of pretty interesting renders from a variety of sources, such as these ones that we particularly like from car designer Emre Husman:

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