Tesla fever is running higher than ever in Australia, with the arrival of the Model 3 for customers now confirmed by Tesla staff in Sydney, who have told customers that deliveries start next week.

It was suspected that a container ship that arrived at the Port of Botany on Friday carried the first batch of Model 3s for delivery to customers, and in the past few days a number of Tesla customers started receiving calls from “delivery specialists.”

Via the Twitter hashtag #Model3AU, a number of drivers keenly awaiting the moment hey get their hands on Tesla’s “mass-market” electric sedan have been tracking developments of the highly anticipated vehicle’s arrival in Australia.

The latest update comes from Tweep and Youtuber TeslaStraya, who posted that staff at Tesla’s Martin Place showroom had confirmed first deliveries to customers would begin next week.

The source also reported that 20 test drives had been booked for Tuesday at the showroom by 11am, signalling high interest in the revolutionary, zero emissions vehicle that is now the most sold electric vehicle of all time and also outsold all diesel and petrol vehicles in its class combined in the US in Q2 2019 according to the carmaker.

Tesla’s sales strategy is somewhat different to legacy carmakers who sell through dealerships; it sells its vehicles online and there are many drivers out there who have bought the vehicle (and other Tesla vehicles, the S and X) sight unseen.

But for some it is clear that feeling, touching and driving remains the best way to find out if that car is the one to buy.

The commencement of deliveries next week also fits with the dockyard process as described by Darren Bowler, managing director of AutoNexus who handle Tesla vehicles from dock to showroom.

According to Darren, after a three-day clearance it is typically 2-5 business days to prepare a vehicle to comply with Australian regulations and perform any other tasks required to ready the vehicle for delivery – including charging up the vehicle, if electric.

This would mean that if the Cap Capricorn did indeed have on board the first shipment of Model 3s, the soonest that they might be delivered to customers would be within 5-8 business days, fitting perfectly with the delivery dates reported above.

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