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The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. Source: Hyundai
The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. Source: Hyundai

As a pointer to the updated Ioniq range offering soon to come to Australia, Hyundai have released the full specifications and pricing of the updated Ioniq range (which includes all-electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid versions) for the right-hand drive UK market – and a release date of September 5 this year to be in UK showrooms.

As reported on TheDriven earlier this year, here and here, Hyundai has been preparing a mid-production refresh of their Ioniq EV range.

Along with exterior changes, the full battery electric version scores the later generation EV underpinnings of the smaller (38kWh) Kona electric. (By the way: the 38kWh Kona is not offered here, Australia getting only the 64kWh version Kona, along with its associated more powerful motor).

Interestingly, whilst there have been many comments from potential EV buyers here about EVs being higher priced in Australia than elsewhere, the UK pricing suggests that (as far as the Hyundai range is concerned at least) – our prices are in fact quite comparable to other markets.

Model Fuel Type CO2 emissions UK price
(on-the- road)
$A equivalent
IONIQ Hybrid
Hybrid SE Connect Petrol 84 g/km £22,795.00 $A40,614
Hybrid Premium Petrol 84 g/km £24,695.00 $A44,000
Hybrid 1st Edition Petrol 85 g/km £24,955.00 $A44,534
Hybrid Premium SE Petrol 85 g/km £26,995.00 $A48,097
IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid
Plug-in Hybrid Premium Petrol / Electric 26 g/km £29,950.00 $A53,362
Plug-in Hybrid Premium SE Petrol / Electric 26 g/km £31,950.00 $A56,926
IONIQ Electric
(*prices include PICG)
Electric Premium Electric 0 g/km £29,450.00* $A58,707**
Electric Premium SE Electric 0 g/km £31,450.00* $A62,270**

Notes: * PICG = Plug-In Car Grant. ** AU$ prices excluding PICG Source: Hyundai Motors UK

Given the pricing for the full-electric version includes a plug-in car grant from the UK government of 35% of the cars value up to a maximum of £3500 (AU$6236) – adding that to the Ioniq electric pricing gives pricing very close to the sort of pricing we get/can reasonably expect for it here.

The updated Ioniq range adds driver controlled regenerative braking (as per the current Kona electric) plus adds additional control of the ‘battery only’ driving selection in the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), furthering the Ioniq’s zero emission driving capability.

The Ioniq PHEV by the way has an 8.9kWh battery giving a quoted 48km electric-only range, and can recharge from flat to 100% within 2 ¼ hours from a 7kW charge point.

The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. SourcE: Hyundai
The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. Source: Hyundai

The new version of the Ioniq electric with the 38kWh battery is estimated to have a 294km range (up from around 230km in the old version). Recharging time on a 7kW charge point (from flat to 100%) is just over six hours, whilst an 80% charge can be achieved on a 50kW DC charger within 57 minutes.

Here in Australia we can expect a simplified range over the UK offerings described above – but the basics should be the same.

Also, given Hyundai are rather quicker at bring updated versions of their cars here than some other auto manufacturers – it is quite likely that the new version of the Ioniq will be here later this year or early next, however Hyundai Australia have yet to officially announce a launch date or pricing structure for the updated Ioniq range here.

The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. Source: Hyundai
The refreshed Hyundai Ioniq. Source: Hyundai
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