Source: Pixabay/Max Bender
Source: Pixabay/Max Bender

With a global shift to zero emissions transport on the cusp of taking hold in Australia, despite a lack of adequate support for the electric car transition to date from Australian government, a pressing question has been raised.

How should we describe the increasing number of consumers who are deciding not to buy a new petrol or diesel car because they are waiting for an affordable electric vehicle. And should we have a name for the growing fleet to EV drivers.

Avid reader George raises the point: ” In reference to helping with the uptake of electric vehicles – what we need is to make up a word, and start using it, that refers to people such as me who are refusing to replace our ageing old cars with another fossil fuelled car.”

And it’s a good point, in a country with a great love of slang – take “nimby” and “ankle biter”, or “drongo”. And George is clearly not alone, as we have pointed out, and some surveys have confirmed, sales of new cars in Australia and international markets have declined as EV waiters abandon the market.

“It would help to identify us in the discussion that we are having with the transition to EV’s. This identifying word would really be a help as we are a distinct group and we exist,” George writes.

A few suggestions George has thrown around are: “Transiteers”, “Voltanas” or “Wattevos”.

We also like “Switchers” (a nod to the teen gaming community, as well as of course bird spotters), or “E-changers” (well, it is the baby boomer generation who so far seem to be driving the transition after all!).

Or, in a reference to internal combustion engines (ICE), how about “ICE breakers” – that might help get the conversation going!

The switch to electric cars is definitely an “EVolution”, and perhaps one who is electing to go electric could be an “electron”?

Can we repurpose an old Aussie favourite: “Akkadakka” (someone who may or may not be a fan of iconic Aussie band AC/DC but definitely uses AC and DC charging)?

So spark up the grey matter – we expect a surge of suggestions to flow in directly!

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