Australia electric truckmaker SEA Electric gets multiple orders from US | The Driven
The Isuzu NRR fitted with SEA-Drive powertrain. Source: SEA-Electric
The Isuzu NRR fitted with SEA-Drive powertrain. Source: SEA-Electric

VIctoria-based SEA Electric has grabbed the attention of attendees at a recent truck show in the US that has seen it receive multiple orders for its Ford F-59 stripped chassis truck kitted out with SEA electric drivetrain.

Orders for the F-59 electric truck, which has a very impressive 2500Nm maximum torque, will soon be delivered to locations across the US including Detroit, Philadelphia, New York City and San Francisco, says SEA Electric.

Debuting at the Green Truck Summit held in conjunction with the Work Truck Show last month in Indianapolis, SEA Electric demonstrated its electric drivetrain technology which it is applying to a number of trucks including an Isuzu NRR and Ford Transit vans in addition to the F-59.

“Feedback in the United States to our SEA Electric technology from both government and private buyers has been extremely positive with several customers already placing orders,” said SEA Electric Tony Fairweather in a statement.

Source: SEA Electric
Source: SEA Electric

For both the F-59 and the Isuzu NRR, SEA is integrating its SEA-Drive 120b electric power-system which brings 150kW continuous power and up to 250kW of power, and can supply 1230Nm of continuous torque.

With battery packs mounted in a central location to emulate the original weight distribution of combustion engine and transmission, both these electric trucks off up to 350km range.

The Ford Transit vans, which will have 300km range, are a work in progress and due to enter trials in the middle of 2019.

They will  be kitted out with the SEA-Drive 70 drivetrain, which gives 75kW continuous power, max power of 134kW and 700Nm of torque.

With an on-board charger that allows 22kW charging on a three phase system, Fairweather says the “back-to-base” operations afforded by the SEA Electric trucks is an attractive proposition to operators who can charge the trucks overnight at the end of a working day.

“Operators can also expect a payback period of less than four years (without incentives) on their SEA-Drive powered truck or van, so with a battery lifecycle of up to 10 years, there are great efficiencies to be gained over the whole life of the vehicle,” Fairweather says.

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