Tesla gives first glimpse of Model Y ahead of formal launch | The Driven
Source: Tesla
Source: Tesla

There are just days to go before the newest all-electric SUV made by electric car pioneer Tesla, the Model Y, is introduced to the world.

And in preparation for the launch event for the electric SUV, Tesla has now made it official: adding the Model Y to the main menu of its website and an accompanying page inviting visitors to register to view the Livestream event on March 14, 2019 (US time).

Other than that, Tesla is not giving much away: accompanying the invitation is a high contrast image of the front profile of the electric SUV, which appears (rightly so) to have a higher roof than the Model 3.

The fifth all-electric car to be unveiled by the company, the Model Y completes the promised acronym for the EV maker’s four consumer electric car models: S3XY.

Its launch date was announced last week by Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk following the warmly welcomed, $US35,000 ($A49,750 at today’s rates) base model of the all-electric Model 3 sedan.

Pricing and specifications are under wraps until the Model Y is launched later this week, but Musk has indicated that it will be priced around 10 per cent dearer than the Model 3.

While it shares 3/4 of the architecture of the Model 3, its heavier body means it will have a slightly shorter range than its sedan stablemate.

While it is as yet unknown if the Model Y will be made immediately available in the base version, it is known that there will be a mix of the shorter range base Model 3 and higher range and spec’d models being produced at the same time at Tesla’s Fremont car factory.

However, following Tesla’s business model of penetrating the market from the top end down, it is likely that there will initially be a Long Range and Performance Model Y launched.

Meanwhile in Australia, EV enthusiasts patiently await the introduction of the Model 3 to antipodean shores, which is expected to arrive in mid-2019.

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