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Australians have been enthusiastic about the pioneering EV brand Tesla, with more than 1400 Model S and Model Xs sold in 2017 across the country and many reservations made for the upcoming mass-market EV, the Model 3.

However, there is a snag: currently, there are only four Tesla service centres in Australia, all on the east coast: one in Melbourne, one in Brisbane and two in Sydney (one of these being the recently opened Alexandria service centre).

Now it seems that this disparity will be addressed by the end of next year, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

On Wednesday, he posted on social media platform Twitter that upon reviewing Tesla service locations in North America, he realised, “we have major gaps in geographic coverage! Sorry for this foolish oversight”.

To address this oversight, he said, “Tesla will aim to cover all regions of NA (not just big cities) within 3 to 6 months”.

Musk was quick to recognise the fact that this gap should be addressed globally, following up with the statement, “Same goes for all countries within which we officially operate by end of next year”.

While there are service centres dotted across the US (and a few in northern american cousin Canada),  concentrations exist from Washington to New York and on the west coast from San Diego to San Francisco, leaving unserviced areas especially in the mid-west, as this screenshot taken from Tesla’s global website shows:

Tesla service centres USA and Canada

There are indeed some major gaps to be filled.

The case is not quite as bad in Europe, where countries are smaller and city locations are dotted across the continent anyway, leaving one to argue the need to fill gaps is none more so than in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Asia.

Several Australian followers chirped up, requesting in particular that Tesla open service centres (and more chargers) in places other than the east coast of Australia, for example:

Since recent conditions were put in place as part of the settlement Musk made with the SEC after his rogue tweet regarding taking Tesla private, ordering the Tesla board to oversee Musk’s public communications with more diligence, the CEO is focusing his communications on developments of his various companies including the the durability and safety of Tesla Model 3, as well as on answering Tesla EV customers’ expectations and needs.

Tesla also recently opened a new EV charging site with 50 plugs in Hong Kong, which is being called the biggest electric car charging station in Asia, according to the South China Morning Post.

The Tesla CEO has also told Tesla that he intends to buy back $US20 million worth of common stock in the EV maker’s next trading window, according to a filing submitted in relation to the CEO’s SEC settlement.

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