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Renault EZ-Ultimo

The 10-day long Paris Motor Show is taking Europe by an electric vehicle storm, kicking off last Thursday with many of the usual suspects as well as a few newcomers that surprised enthusiasts.

Tesla was present, as we noted in last week’s preview – which is unusual in itself, but the US EV maker chose to use the Paris motor show to officially unveil its Model 3 to European consumers.

Also there were European carmakers Mercedes-Benz, DS, Renault, BMW, Jaguar, Audi and Peugeot, and Asian carmakers Kia and Hyundai, and also including China’s Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) – all taking on the challenge to reach into the future of electric mobility.

We’ve covered quite a few of the EV models launched in recent weeks as well as those likely to make it to our shores that are on show in Paris – but we also wanted to share some of the outlying contenders and concept vehicles also exhibited at the popular motor show.

Self-described mobility solutions expert Solenne Cucchi snapped some shots prior to the show opening on October 4, including the red Tesla Model 3, the newly launched Mercedes-Benz EQC and from the virtually unknown Chinese automaker GAC – the Enverge all-electric concept, whose doors open up Batmobile style.

The only Chinese manufacturer at the Paris Motor Show, GAC, presented its electric concept Enverge at the Paris Motor Show after exhibiting in late August in Moscow.

A “zero emission” SUV with a range of 600km and futuristic design, the compact 100% electric SUV with butterfly doors has a battery of 71 kWh, rechargeable by induction, or 400 km in 10 minutes with a high-speed charger for a range of 600 km.

With all-wheel drive, the EV has a power of 235hp and 410Nm of torque. This allows a 0-100 km/hr achieved in 4.4 seconds for a limited top speed of 160km/hr.

Alongside the Mercedes-Benz EQC was Daimler’s cute and convertible all-electric smart – ‘simple, reduced and pure, yet never boring’, says the automaker.

Smart’s EQ fortwo (yes, it’s a two-seater) cabriolet features a powertrain with maximum 60kW output, 160nM torque and a 17.6kWh battery with up to 160km of range.

“Motoring Scribe” Vikrant Singh waxed lyrical about the Peugeot e-Legend, describing it as ‘dripping with emotion’ (you can read more on the specs of the e-Legend here):

French DS made headlines with French President Emmanuel Macron visiting the carmaker’s exhibition of their all-electric offering, the DS 3 Crossback E-tense, as captured by DS Senior VP Eric Apode.

The very first 100% electric car for DS, was first reported to have 300km range but now the carmaker has officially announced a homologated range of 320 km per charge (WLTP) homologation cycle, with a 100kW electric motor with 260Nm of torque and 100kW CCS Combo connector.

One of the most striking electric vehicles at the show by far has to be another concept from Mercedes-Benz – the EQ Silver Arrow.

The streamlined, futuristic interpretation of a grand prix racing vehicle sports a powerful combination of 550kW output and a thin 80kWh battery in the underbody for a range of over 400km (WLTP), according to the German carmaker – and although it is unlikely it will ever make it into production, it certainly captures the imagination.

Last – but by no means least – of the EV concepts at the Paris show is the super sleek Renault EZ-ULTIMO, a self-driving car concept with Level 4  autonomy that the carmaker pitches as a premium on-demand vehicle rather than a privately owned car.

While Renault’s own release on the car does not mention range or power, what it does do is describe it as a ‘robo-vehicle’, with a focus on ‘illustrating the future of shared mobility’.


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