Credit: Marc Talloen
Credit: Marc Talloen

In 2015, one of Australia’s first owners of a Tesla Model S electric vehicle, the intrepid Marc Talloen, told us of his story on how he drove from Brisbane to Sydney and back, with a wide loop for touring, without the support of a super-charger network.

Later that year, he did the same in Queensland, in an epic 9,000kms journey that shows that even high performance EVs like the Tesla, with special needs for charging, can get by without a network. On occasions, he even tapped into wind energy.

“Writing this article fits my self- proclaimed mission of proving to Australians that with the Tesla Model S the era of electric transport has started NOW,” Talloen writes.

“And that with little equipment you can travel thousands of km far from Tesla- or public charging infrastructure making use where ever possible of renewable energy resources. This is reality and not a far-fetched dream!”

To read the first part of his report, please click here, and for the second part, please click here.

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