All-electric mining vehicles are the answer to cleaner air | The Driven

The old adage, “canary in a coalmine”, is a fitting reminder to an old, less than humane system of ensuring the air quality for miners was at the very least, not terminal.

Inhalation of exhaust gases from diesel vehicles is still a substantial risks for mine workers, and a new model of mining vehicle promises to help address such issues.

To do so, Emsbürener Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH have joined forces with Danfoss Mobile Electrification to develop an ell-electric MinCa 5.1 truck – previously only available as a diesel or hybrid vehicle.

By providing an emission-free option for mine operators, the MinCa 5.1 also presents the opportunity to reduce other liabilities in the form of lower ventilation and fuel costs.

One can’t ignore the full-circle poetry if one were to use the Minca 5.1 EV in the ever increasing need to mine lithium, cobalt, nickel and other materials required for EV batteries.

The all-electric version of the MinCa 5.1 uses a 50kW electric motor and 20kW battery that provides for up to 3-4 hours work, according to

With a max speed of 30km/hr and payload capacity of 1.2 tonne, the all-electric MinCa 5.1 offers all the bells and whistles of service equipment including compressor, welding equipment, cable winch and loading crane.

For those needing a longer working range, the company also offers a hybrid version which operate for up to 12 hours.

As far as we can tell, the EV version is still in concept stage, but once successfully in production it will join the likes of the MacLean EV series, also created by MacLean engineering to address the issues  of underground air quality for miners.

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