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Tess goes to the beauty salon for Botox and a nose job

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David Waterworth

Our Tesla Model 3 SR + (affectionately known as Tess) has travelled over 62,000 km and had a few knocks, so now it is time to tizzy her up. You know, a bit of Botox in the derriere, some make up on the bonnet, new glasses or even contacts and of course, that all-important nose job.

An elderly gentleman backed his fully loaded tradie truck into the back of Tess and gave her more than a new dimple in her behind. Driving out to Warwick contributed some nasty stone chips in her bonnet and our recent trip to Winton contributed a chip in the windscreen.

Thankfully, all of this is covered under insurance and has been done quickly by very helpful trade’s people.

Image credit: David Waterworth. Supplied.

And the nose job? Well, it’s more of an on-the-nose job. Tess is beginning to smell like us! Partly due to the fact that we tend to run the air-conditioning on recycle to avoid the noxious fumes generously provided by our fellow road users, and partly due to the fact that we need a new air filter.

Image credit: David Waterworth. Supplied.

We checked out the youtube videos of how to do it yourself and thought, no, we can afford to pay for this, looks a bit complicated. We’ll use some of the money we save from not having to pay for petrol or oil – plus the fact that our rego is half what we used to pay for our V6 Sonata.

Well, the wonderful Tesla technician has been and gone and changed the filters quickly and efficiently. By the look of the old filters a lot of crud has been removed from the air we breathe . We are looking forward to the next drive so we can enjoy the fresher air circulating in our car.

Many thanks also to O’Brien’s for fixing the windscreen chip and to Drive Accident Solutions for the repairs to the rear end.

Image credit: David Waterworth. Supplied.

David Waterworth is a researcher and writer, a retired school teacher who continues to provoke thought through thedriven. He divides his time between looking after his grandchildren and trying to make sure they have a planet to live on. He owns 50 shares of Tesla.


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