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Volkswagen touts ten smart features of its electric ID.4 SUV

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Joshua S. Hill

German automaker Volkswagen has highlighted ten “surprisingly smart” features of its upcoming all-electric ID.4 SUV, which the company hopes will go a long way to “simplifying the driver’s life” through a variety of intelligence and smart features.

First deliveries of Volkswagen’s ID.4 took place in Germany in March and is slowly rolling out across the company’s other markets. Volkswagen recently released pricing for the ID.4 AWD Pro in the United States, which will land at $US43,675 ($A57,847 converted), making it now the most affordable dual-motor electric SUV.

Given Australia’s head-in-the-sand approach to the electric vehicle revolution, Volkswagen are likely not planning to bring both the ID.3 and ID.4 until 2023. That being said, pricing for the ID.3 and ID.4 will likely price both as relatively affordable EV options in Australia.

When we do get a chance to take the ID.4 out for a spin, though, Volkswagen hope that ten “surprisingly smart features” will give the all-electric SUV a leg-up over the competition.

VW have designed the ID.4 SUV “with the goal of simplifying the driver’s life by creating an easy and enjoyable experience behind its wheel”, reversing recent automotive trends that load up on technological features which can become somewhat overwhelming.

The ID.4’s touchscreen display will feature interactive navigation that allows you can tilt the 3D navigation map with two fingers and help find where you are headed, as well as traditional turn-by-turn directions available in the vehicle’s centre display.

Accessing your favourite ID.4 features on the centre Discover Pro touchscreen is as easy as swiping down from the top of the screen to find shortcuts to your most-used selections. Meanwhile, pressing and holding any icon on the screen brings up a menu to customise which functions you want quick access to.

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Small things make a car special but can also make a car more personal. Given the fact that the ID.4 is a quiet EV, a small goodbye chime will sound when the drive exits the vehicle so as to confirm to the driver that the car is off.

Heated seating and steering wheel come standard and use a unique electric-resistance heater that can be activated in a matter of seconds with the tap of two fingers on the car’s temperature slider, located on the inclined surface below the centre display.

Conversely, when its hot and you need some fresh air, all four windows can be controlled with the touch of a single button.

Voice controls allow you not only to control the overhead shades of ID.4’s panoramic roof, but with a simple command – “Hello ID, tell me a joke” – introduces some humour into your driving experience. To continue making the mood more your own, lighting settings in the infotainment system allow you to activate pre-set lighting “moods”.

The ID.4 also includes modular cupholders which allow you to customise the two sets of cupholders – one that’s visible in the centre console, and another under a rolling cover. And, if your rear camera lens gets dirty the ID.4 is not only able to wash and wipe your back window, but a high-powered jet will also clean your backup camera lens.

All in all, Volkswagen are hoping that by focusing on details such as this, its ID.4 will be a natural choice for drivers, and if the company continues its trend of “genuinely affordable” pricing, that’s as likely as not.

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