There’s not many carmakers that throw their ideas out to the masses but as he has proven time and time again, Elon Musk is not just any carmaker.

Once again, Musk has sparked the imagination of legions of Tesla fans, with one little tweet on Sunday night – “We’re working on a new Tesla mini-car that can squeeze in an adult”.

In a twitterstorm not dissimilar to his ponderings with the public on what a Tesla ute might entail, the Tesla CEO has put followers in a spin.

First impressions by some were that he is referring to some sort of super-charged electric gocart.

“I want Tesla to open up a Tesla EV gocart racetrack as another form of destination Supercharger. Would love to Tesla gocart race while waiting for a charge,” said one follower.

Perhaps it would be some sort of futuristic pod car, like this one:

Amongst the torrent of responses, our favourite would have to be that of Mr Bean, although we think that’s got be about as far from what Musk is planning as can be:

The tweet was made in response to a question by a follower about a Model X Radio Flyer toy car – the EV carmaker already selling a Tesla Model S Radio Flyer for kids between the age of three and eight.

An adult can only just squeeze into one of these bad boys, leaving us to wonder if this a little closer to what Musk has in mind:

The Tesla CEO did not elaborate any further however, leaving fans (and us!) none the wiser.

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