Elon Musk ends Tesla referral program to cut costs for Model 3 | The Driven
Tesla supercharger
Source: Tesla

The successful Tesla referral program that has seen buyers of the automaker’s electric cars recruit other customers by giving both recruiter and new buyer 6 months of free EV charging is coming to an end.

The announcement was made via Twitter on Wednesday evening (US time) by Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk, who encouraged current Tesla owners to make sure they referred any further customers before the cutoff date of February 1st, 2019, if they wanted to pass on the free charging offer.

While many followers took the opportunity to thank Musk for the referral program, the news has been somewhat disappointing for Australian Tesla enthusiasts since the Model 3 is not even available here yet.

If the Model 3 configuration were made available on Tesla’s Australian website before then end of the month, punters would be able to take advantage of the offer before it ends by ordering their Tesla Model 3 through the website.

The referral program was originally intended to cease on March 11, which means nearly six weeks have been shaved off the original offer.

Asked if there would be another referral program in the offing, Musk replied, “No, the whole referral incentive system will end,” citing the main reason as added costs, in particular the Model 3.

Currently, the only Tesla EVs available in Australia are the Model S and Model X which come with a minimum price tag of $A168,305 for the 100kW dual motor Model S sedan, or $A172,685 for the similarly spec’d Model X SUV.

With the lower spec’d 75D Model S and Model X now dropped from Tesla’s stable, the minimum price for either model has now increased considerably.

The Model 3 is expected in Australia in mid-2019, and some pundits have estimated it will cost around $A70,000.

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