Renault Europe upgrades Master ZE van offerings | The Driven

Renault Europe has just expanded its Master ZE van offering to now include three wheelbases, two heights and a cab-chassis.

Offered with the same 33kWh battery as in the Kangoo – the driving range for the Master van (which has a 1 tonne capacity and is a heavier vehicle that the Kangoo) is 120km real-world range (when carrying a 500kg load) as compared to the Kangoo ZE’s 120 – 200 range.

Charging at 7kW (32A, single phase) it takes around 6 hrs to fully recharge from zero. As such, it is best suited to local delivery situations and overnight charging.

The details of the expanded set of options are three wheelbase lengths from 2.7m to 3.7m, van heights of 1.7m or 1.9m and a cab-chassis version.

At a somewhat eye-watering price of £54,400 (AU$96,000) plus taxes, it is more than double the price of the equivalent diesel version sold here.

However, it is likely that sales will still happen, albeit limited to those businesses that MUST have one – such as where there is a need to operate in several European cities where diesel vehicle bans are coming into force, or where there are noise bans.


Given the short range, lack of faster charging options (either DC or even 3 phase AC) and price – it is probably not something that Renault Australia will consider for Australian release. However it is an indication of how the commercial battery electric vehicle (BEV) market is developing overseas.

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