Tesla Summon
Source: Tesla

Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk has said that in a few years time, the Summon feature that allows Tesla electric cars to drive a short distance to its driver, will work from as far as the other side of a continent.

That’s thousands of kilometres, a far sight further than what is currently possible, or even desirable, and extends the meaning of “summon” to far beyond what it is now commonly used for – to allow your electric Tesla car open and leave your garage automatically or meet you in a large parking lot saving you the hassle of finding it.

The founder and CEO made the comment in response to a post by a Tesla car owner on social media site Twitter, thanking Tesla for saving him fro stepping through a puddle to get in his car.

Musk replied that in a few years, Tesla cars would do much better than that.

“You can summon your Tesla from your phone. Only short distances today, but in a few years summon will work from across the continent,” he said.

Of course that kind of ability would include being able to locate and drive to a destination or fast charger along the way – somewhat a challenge currently in Australia if you say, needed to summon your car from Perth and you were on the east coast.

Musk had previously announced an advanced Summon over-the-air software upgrade, which is part of Tesla’s autonomous Autopilot feature, would soon be available in late October, adding the ability for the car to follow the driver “like a pet”, and “remotely like a big RC car if in line of sight”.

We love this idea, but one bright twit made a comment that we love even more: “Imagine the day when you can order your Tesla and it will just drive itself to your house from the factory.”

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