In the UK, as in Australia, the 64kWh battery Kona electric has for some time been listed as being available for delivery from February next year.

However, in a worrying move for those waiting on the release of the Kona Electric in Australia – Hyundai in the UK have just started listing the Kona Electric as not being available till August 2019!

While this may be an indication that the initial UK batch in February have already sold out, it may also indicate that the Kona is so oversubscribed in its current markets that Hyundai are putting off its release in further new markets.

As an example: Norway was allocated 2,500 Kona Electrics for 2018, and had to close the order books after receiving almost 7,000 firm orders and serious enquiries from something like 20,000 other potential customers!

In the meantime, intending Australian Kona Electric customers will have to hold their collective breath in the hope that the UK delay does not translate into an Australian one as well.

The news is not all bad, though, if you can wait (and waiting is something that Australians wanting EV options to buy are used to): By August 2019 there should be four (and possibly even five) $50,000-ish range pure electric cars to compare and choose from.

These will be the Renault Zoe (currently available); the Hyundai Ioniq Electric (available from late November 2018); the second generation Nissan Leaf (June 2019) and maybe, possibly, even the Tesla Model 3 base model – whose promised arrival date here has been advanced to around August, 2019!

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