Ford's vision of long haul future is a 'cartoon' electric truck | The Driven
Ford F-Vision
Source: Ford Trucks

A self-driving and electric semitrailer concept inspired by Marvel films has been unveiled as a vision of the future by Ford Trucks, and it might even be a contender against Tesla’s super-sleek electric semi for highway long haul cool.

The super streamlined design of the Ford F-Vision prototype, the cab of which is reminiscent of a cartoon superhero’s helmet, was designed by the automaker’s Turkey-based commercial vehicle division Ford Otosan.

The unveiling of all-electric semi took place last week at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 show in Hannover, Germany – the same event that Volkswagen used to unveil its I.D. Buzz Cargo.

Not only is Ford’s vision for the future of transport entirely electric, but autonomous – to Level 4, to be exact, meaning that it will be able to drive without the need for human operation.

Compliant with the autonomous drive road plan for heavy commercial vehicles set out by the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council, the automaker outlined the possibility of platooning capabilities which would allow the F-Vision to travel highways in convoys to reduce power consumption.

In addition to a trailer whose body descends almost completely to the road and a patterned hitch system that makes the most of the aerodynamic design of the truck, it also features many additions to make the trucking life that much easier – for example, windows that tint according to how bright it is outside.

The streamlined exterior design can also be customised, according to the auto giant: the streamlined windows, which are completely flush with the body, can be programmed to display different designs and communication methods and even coloured in such a way as to be virtually indistinguishable from the body.

There were unfortunately, no details given as to the battery and drivetrain for what is Ford’s first all-electric semitrailer concept – simply, it is a vision of how Ford intends to embark on the future of long haul transportation.

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