Queensland unveils plan to tap solar and boost daytime EV charging | The Driven
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A new plan from regional Queensland energy provider Ergon aims to encourage Queenslanders to charge electric vehicles during the day, when renewables form the greatest part of the energy mix.

While it has been shown that electric vehicles (EVs) are still greener and cleaner than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles even when charged off a coal-powered grid, charging off renewables boosts the green potential of EVs, and will also lower costs.

The plan, which will back Queensland’s goal to reach 50% renewable energy by 2030 and zero net emissions by 2050, was announced on Wednesday by Queensland minister for transport, Mark Bailey, and energy minister Anthony Lynham.

It offers customers a discounted tariff and a guaranteed 18 hours in which to charge an electric vehicle at that tariff.

“Owners can charge their electric vehicle during the day when there’s higher levels of generation with renewables in the mix,” Lynham said in a statement.

“They’ll have the same cheaper rate if they want to charge at night.”

The plan shares the same benefits as the controlled load Tariff 33 which is already used by owners of pools, hot water systems and air conditioners.

“By adding electric vehicles to that mix, there will be the opportunity to develop new electric vehicle tariffs as the vehicles become more commonplace,” says Lynham.

“Customers can save up to 18 per cent on consumption charges for those who make the switch to the EV Home Charging Plan.”

By choosing an add-on clean energy package, customers can ensure that charging their EV is even greener.

Bailey said in a statement that encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles through innovative plans such as Ergon’s will further support Queensland’s goal to benefit from not on the environmental benefits of EVs, but also the economic benefits.

“With cheaper models now on the market, electric vehicles are more affordable and accessible to a greater number of buyers,” says Bailey.

“Providing incentives like cheaper energy is an excellent strategy to get more electric vehicles on to Queensland roads.”

The Queensland government has lead the way on electric vehicles in Australia, which has been dubbed a global laggard when compared to the transition to electric mobility overseas.

Consumers who buy an EV are offered a discount on stamp duty, and had access to the state-backed Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH), an EV fast charging network that stretches from Coolangatta to Cairns.

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