Tesla Model 3 prices jump in Australia as dollar falls against greenback | The Driven
model 3 pricing
Source: Tesla

Prices for Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles in Australia have jumped, just two weeks after the first deliveries of the long awaited electric sedan commenced in the country.

The order page for the Model 3 changed early on Friday afternoon, jumping from $A66,000 to the lowest price standard plus range to $A67,600.

The price rise for the Standard Plus model is the greatest in percentage terms (2.42 per cent). Prices for the long range version rose to $A85,900 from $A85,000 and the performance version to $A92,900 from $91,200.

There is no official explanation but it is understood that the rise reflects the recent sustained falls in the value of the Australian dollar against the greenback. Costs for Australian cars, like all others, are also affected by the cost of GST, luxury car tax (for the two top versions), and stamp duty (only ACT gives a pass on that one for EVs).

It is believed that several thousand Model 3 orders have been received, some originating from the day of their original unveiling more than three years ago by Elon Musk. This would make it by far the biggest selling EV in Australia, as it already is in the US and parts of Europe.

This was the former base price. It means that the bottom line price for a Model 3 in NSW rises to $72,896, and to $A70,518 in stamp-duty free ACT.

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