For the best price on a Tesla Model 3, you better move to Canberra | The Driven
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is now available in Australia, with the California-based EV maker’s most affordable electric vehicle met warmly across all states as reservation holders hopped online on Friday and over the weekend to place their order the long-awaited, best-selling electric car.

But some buyers are getting a better price than others, despite the starting price for the Standard Range Plus (SRP) – the cheapest variant to go on sale on Friday – being finally confirmed at $A66,000 (before on roads).

Australians living in the country’s capital, the ACT, are able to buy the Model 3 at a driveaway price (including delivery, stamp duty, rego costs, CTP and plate fees) up to $A4,000 cheaper than some ]other Australians.

In the ACT, driveaway pricing for the Model 3 is just $A68,109, in comparison to Western Australia where it costs $A72,109 driveaway.

The difference in itself is nothing new – driveaway pricing for cars has always differed from state to state.

Among other factors, a different basis is used to calculate stamp duty from state to state, such as market value or price paid in NSW or the engine size of the car in Queensland (Cars Guide has a good explanation here).

But the huge disparity between the ACT and WA pricing is because in the ACT there is no stamp duty for electric vehicles, while in WA stamp duty for the SRP Model 3 comes in at $4,347.

The lead by the ACT in removing stamp duty for electric vehicles forms a key part of the capital state’s mandate to reduce vehicle emissions – and it’s been doing it for years.

The ACT’s variable stamp duty scheme was introduced in 2014, and under the scheme, zero emissions vehicles are exempted from stamp duty when bought new.

Additionally, the ACT offers a 20% discount on registration for zero emissions vehicles.

If moving to Canberra isn’t an option, maybe a move to Australia’s tropical state is on the cards – Queensland comes in at the next cheapest after the ACT, thanks to stamp duty legislation that applies up to a 50% discount for hybrid and electric vehicles compared to gas-guzzlers.

The driveaway pricing for the SRP Model 3 from state to state from cheapest to most expensive goes like so:

  1. ACT – $68,109
  2. QLD – $68,890
  3. NT – $69,629
  4. TAS – $70,200
  5. SA – $70,277
  6. NSW – $70,370
  7. VIC – $71,285
  8. WA – $72,109
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