The Driven Podcast: Robert Llewellyn’s electric transition from Red Dwarf to Fully Charged | The Driven

Robert Llewellyn is a comedian an actor who was best known for his role as Kryten in the iconic series Red Dwarf, but is now telling millions about the transition to EVs.

Following the success of his program Scrap Heap, Llewellyn decided to start a You-tube channel that focuses on electric vehicles. That was nearly a decade ago, making Llewellyn one of the few people who saw the scope of this transition in its formative stages.

For many years, Fully Charge remained a labour of love, but it now commands an audience of millions, putting LLewllyn and his crew at the very front of the EV transition.

In this episode of The Driven forecast, Llewellyn shares his love of EVs (he is embarrassed to admit he owns three, including a Tesla Model S, an old Nissan Leaf and a Hyundai Kona, and is about to take delivery of his Model 3), and his vision for the future.

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