Porsche Taycan GT

German luxury carmaker Porsche has launched a calculator that it says allows its well-heeled customers to offset carbon emissions, choosing one of four environmental projects.

The calculator, which is available on Porsche’s website, allows a Porsche owner to enter their vehicle model, derivative and generation as well as how many miles they wish to offset.

Once details are entered, an estimate of the carbon footprint of the customer is generated, at which time a chosen carbon offset project can be selected and an offset amount recommended.

Models currently listed in the Impact calculator by the Zuffenhausen automaker include the ICE (internal combustion engine) 911, 918, Boxster/Cayman, Macan, as well as both ICE and hybrid variants of the Cayenne and Panamera.

As the calculator is only taking tailpipe emissions into account, it is unlikely the all-electric Taycan will be added to the list once launched in the latter half of 2019.

The schemes, which are internationally certified, range from hydro and solar power generation projects in Vietnam and Mexico to forest protection and biodiversity projects in Alaska and Zimbabwe and are implemented through South Pole, a company that allocates capital at scale to work towards the goals on the Paris Agreement.

Porsche Impact

So far, Porsche customers in Germany, the UK and Poland have offset 14,035 tons of CO2 while trialing the Porsche Impact project, and an expansion into other markets is planned over coming months.

The move to help customers offset their carbon impact reflects the luxury carmaker’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

This strategy also includes plans to fully electrify all of its sedans and SUVs – and maybe some entry level sports cars – over the next decade.

After the all-electric Taycan is launched next year, it’s possible that Porsche will follow with an all-electric SUV.

“It’s very likely that a [battery-powered] SUV will come by 2022. There is no final decision yet, but you can expect that this will be the case because we need a large-volume model that is fully electric,” Porsche CFO Lutz Meschke told reporters at the company’s development centre in October, according to Europe Auto News.

“This idea will then progress further with the next generations of the Panamera and Cayenne model lines,” Meschke said. “The direction for the large four-door models will be toward full electrification.”

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