$A185000+ (estimated base price)

Available: Now

Model X 100D is an upgrade on the Model X 75D, with a 100kWh battery for superior real world range of 470km. Built on the existing Model S, the X has a number of important upgrades, including adjustable headrests and seat belts, hooks for securing the load, charging port that closes itself, cup holder and USB for second seat, better headlights (LED) and heated windscreen wipers. Model X is available with either five, six or seven seats.

EV Type BEV Charging Plugs (AC) Type 2
BEV Range (km) 565 Charging Plugs (DC) Tesla Supercharger
Real World Range (km) 470 Max Charge Rate (kW, AC/DC) 20/120
Battery Size (kWh) 100 Tow Rating (kg) 750/2250
Max. Power (kW) 330 Max. Torque (Nm)


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